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Based in metro-Detroit, Michigan, Juliana Mary & Co. works with artists and brands internationally. Juliana's passion is styling, photographing, and animating products to grow your audience and business.

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Grand Millennial is my *favorite* decorating style that I’ve been lovingly welcoming into my home decor and styling. If you’re unfamiliar with the aesthetic, it’s a combination of your grandmother’s wallpaper + antique oil paintings + a few modern pieces here and there to keep it fresh. When photo styling, keeping current design trends, color […]

Grand Millennial Style is Out, Coastal Grandmother is In!


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Inspiration for photoshoots can come from anywhere – books, movies, tv shows, and real life. For this shoot, I drew inspiration from a combination of my favorite stories and authors to bring to life what I imagine Jane Austen’s Secret Garden would look like. The result is a whimsical photoshoot that highlights the wedding invitation […]

Secret Garden Inspired Stationery Photoshoot

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French macarons have long held a special place in my heart – after living in France for a year the sweet treat became a favorite of mine. I’ve tried making them myself (with very little success) and rely on the experts for beautiful, delicious macrons like these from Maison Laduree. Macarons: Maison LadureeStyling & Photography: […]

Valentine’s Day Shoot with Laduree

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There are so many pieces that need to come together to create a beautiful flatlay, but it all starts with a strong foundation- the styling surface! Selecting the right backdrop sets the aesthetic and tone for your shoot, and can absolutely make or break your final images. When deciding on a backdrop, consider the mood […]

How to Pick the Right Backdrop for Your Shoot


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Flourish Photoshoot weeks are full of excitement and have quickly become a studio favorite. Each Flourish Photoshoot allows a select group of stationers from around the world to send their wedding suites, stationery, and art to my studio to be styled and photographed in a pre-planned theme with luxury props, backdrops, and florals. The inspiration […]

Flourish Photoshoot: Apple Blossom Sneak Preview

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As you may have heard, I have a lot of feelings about styled shoots. As a former wedding stationer and calligrapher, I participated in dozens of styled shoots and was on the receiving end of every scenario – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the completely forgotten (yes, sometimes the stationery is forgotten completely!) […]

Styled Shoots – When to Participate and When to Pass

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Are you ready to have your best holiday sales season ever? You’re in the right place! Here are my top 3 tips to instantly improve your product photography and inspire potential buyers to click “add to cart” and become raving fans of you and your business. 1. Incorporate Your Personality If someone is searching Etsy, […]

How to Style Irresistible Holiday Product Photos

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It’s no secret – luxury clients love calligraphy! Elevating your business and attracting the next tier of clientele comes down to 2 things: what you offer and how you present it. If until now you’ve exclusively worked with fonts to achieve the look of calligraphy, it’s time to consider adding calligraphy and hand lettering to […]

Elevate Your Offerings with Calligraphy

Elevate Your Business

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Whether in home décor, graphic design, or branding it often feels like we have to make a choice between classic or contemporary, minimalism or grand millennial, fine-art or bright and bold. But I’m here to tell you that you can, in fact, have it all!

Styling: Modern Meets Romantic

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With the popularity of shows like Bridgerton, the Regency style has seen a huge rise in popularity for weddings and was the inspiration for this shoot.

Flourish Photoshoot: In Full Bloom Sneak Peek!

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Day 1: Styling a Floral Filled Envelope
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Juliana Mary & Co. is a styling and product photography studio based in Metro-Detroit, Michigan creating scroll-stopping visuals for clients world-wide