With a background in psychology and marketing, Juliana Mary & Co. creates scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing, delightful images that are as strategic as they are beautiful. Each custom project starts with a deep dive into your brand, audience, and competition to create truly unique imagery that will captivate your audience and turn bystanders into brand advocates. 

Juliana Mary works with a limited number of clients annually. 

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Emily Tate, Pillar & Pearl

Working with Juliana changed the course of my business. I am selling more than ever, have gained thousands of followers on social media, and am constantly looking forward to what comes next! I HIGHLY recommend her if you are ready to watch your business THRIVE like never before.

working with juliana changed the course of my business.

Caroline Smith, Caroline Calligraphy

Since working with Juliana, I’ve been able to confidently expand into other revenue streams and build my vision for the future of my company. Working with Juliana was well worth the investment; she went above and beyond with our session. I was completely pleased and you will be, too!

Simply put, good photos matter. working with juliana was well worth the investment.

Janeil Anderson, Seventh and Anderson

Through the discovery process, Juliana perfectly captured my style and brand. Working with Juliana made a difference in every aspect of my business. The care and detail Juliana puts into each of her photoshoots is second to none. Anytime I use one of her images, my
brand is immediately elevated. Juliana is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. This is an investment YOU WANT to make!

working with juliana made a difference in every aspect of my business.

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Step 4: Et voila! Like magic your shoot is complete. You will receive your custom images, videos, or animations  electronically following your shoot. 

Step 3: It's shoot day! Your custom shoot is when the magic happens. Juliana will source all backdrops, props, and florals as well as any additional help, like models or photography assistants, to bring your shoot to life. 

Step 2: Following booking, you will receive a custom photo directive outlining your shoot objectives, list of images, and creative direction of your shoot. This ensures flawless execution of your project. 

Step 1: Each project begins with a 1-1 consultation to understand your brand, clients, aesthetic, and goals. With this information, Juliana Mary & Co. creates a custom proposal exclusively for your brand.

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Juliana Mary & Co. is a styling and product photography studio based in Metro-Detroit, Michigan creating scroll-stopping visuals for clients world-wide