Juliana Mary

The JM Way produces beautiful imagery that will positively change the trajectory of your business. As partners, I work with you to understand how to best showcase your work to attract your dream clients and make more sales doing what you love. 

What makes my approach different from anyone else?
I was a wedding stationer and calligrapher too, so I intimately understand what images you need to showcase your work, how to communicate your value to your dream clients, and I will never, ever put shoes on your stationery (read more on why, here).

the jm way

I don't let bad photos happen to good stationers.

I work with stationers world-wide styling and photographing their paper products using my signature process, The JM Way. I work with you to understand your brand, your dream clients, and how to tell the story of your work in a way that will connect emotionally with your audience all while equipping you with the images you need to market your work online.

Because I started as a stationer, I understand what shots and layouts you need and will never (ever!) put shoes in your flatlay. Say goodbye to over-edited images and bad styling, and hello to stunning photography that puts your work center-stage.

The JM Way is my signature styling process that 

My purpose is to highlight the stunning details of your work

I'm Juliana Mary and I don't let bad photos happen to good stationers. I am a paper stylist and photographer for stationers, calligraphers, and artists who want editorial quality images that are beautiful, strategic, and stand out in the market.

Your artistry, your meticulous eye for detail, & the care and thought you put into every element of your work deserves to be showcased. 

I launched my first business in 2012 as a calligrapher and wedding invitation designer and quickly discovered that free styled shoots and cheap mockups were standing in the way of building the business of my dreams. As a stationer wishing to work with luxury clients, nothing is more important than showing the exquisite details of your products with true-to-life colors and props that direct attention to (not distract from) your work, and having images that reinforce your brand and invite the right clients into your world.

Hi, I'm Juliana Mary

- forges an emotional connection with your dream clients,
- showcases your work, and
- conveys your value as a creative

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