Paper Stylist, Creative Director, Francophile, Latte Lover & Mom

I launched my first stationery company in 2013 and the second (Veraly & Company) in 2015. After years of struggling to compete in a saturated market, I discovered the secret to standing out: beautiful imagery.

Once I learned the ins and out of styling, product photography, and the perfect flatlay, my business was transformed.

Equipped with beautiful imagery, my stationery business took off and in the process I discovered my passion for styling and visual branding. Today I focus on helping grow creative businesses with elevated imagery and creating a cohesive visual brand.

I am known for my romantic, feminine, and full-of-life aesthetic. I design, style, and create high-level imagery for stationers so they can showcase their products and forge an emotional connection with their audience and clients.

When I’m not working, you can find me in the garden, playing the harp, painting, or spending time with my husband and 3-year old daughter (aka my design assistant) in Detroit, Michigan.

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