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Pinterest Fresh Content: What You Need to Know


Pinterest has recently announced some changes to the platform for content creators and those who use Pinterest for their business. The big take away? Pinners LOVE fresh content and are looking to people like you to create it. Because of that, Pinterest is placing more emphasis on fresh content and their algorithm will favor recent and relevant content. This has been underway already on the platform but will continue to grow in importance in 2020 and beyond.


Fresh content is all about sharing NEW images, and the better your imagery, the better your pin will perform.

The benefits of sharing more fresh content are huge! The Pinterest algorithm values recency and relevancy over everything else. Your pin will reach more people if Pinterest identifies it as “fresh”.

Sharing duplicate images will be shown to fewer people and smaller audiences, but don’t fret, if your image catches on and lots of people re-pin or share your image directly from your website, that will not penalize your pin or account in anyway.


A long held strategy on Pinterest has been to share a single pin to lots of different boards. However, sharing your pins to the most relevant boards is more important now than ever. That said, sharing your content seasonally or on an evergreen schedule is perfectly fine- just don’t overdo it with a single pin.

Have you noticed a change in your Pinterest analytics recently? Are your “fresh” pins performing better than ever?

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