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Based in metro-Detroit, Michigan, Juliana Mary & Co. works with artists and brands internationally. Juliana's passion is styling, photographing, and animating products to grow your audience and business.

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Fresh & Floral: Beauty Styling for Aluril Skincare

New skincare brand, Aluril, needed images to showcase its extensive line of products featuring natural and good-for-you ingredients. The client faced several challenges including styling the 60+ products in a cohesive aesthetic while differentiating between product categories, appealing to their specific demographic, showcasing the high-end reflective packaging, and visually communicating what’s inside each product (high-quality ingredients found in nature).

To differentiate each of the five product categories, I assigned a backdrop color to each category so new buyers would be able to quickly and easily identify a product as an eye cream versus serum, for example. Next, I selected fresh fruits, vegetables, and florals to represent the specific vitamins and ingredients found in each product. Finally, creating two stop-motion animations brings the Aluril skincare line to life and communicates to the viewer the fresh ingredients that can be found inside each product.

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Juliana Mary & Co. is a styling and product photography studio based in Metro-Detroit, Michigan creating scroll-stopping visuals for clients world-wide