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The Rise of the Micro Wedding (and what it means for your business)

Wedding stationers and calligraphers everywhere felt the impact of coronavirus with cancellations, rescheduling, and smaller orders. Micro weddings in the pre-corona world were nearly unheard of (unless it was a second wedding, destination wedding, or celebration after an elopement). But with the virus came new challenges of celebrating – whether enforced by law or just out of courtesy – couples found ways to adapt and move forward into marriage without guest lists in the hundreds.

Experts say the rise of the micro-wedding (weddings with guest lists of 50 or fewer) and its popularity is here to stay, so what does that mean for your business?

It might seem doom and gloom at first (smaller orders, yikes!), but I think it is a wonderful opportunity to offer high-end services, products, and experiences in smaller quantities.

Invitations and day-of-stationery that would have been impossible or incredibly cost-prohibitive at large quantities may now be possible for the everyday couple, which is really exciting as a creative.

Think handpainted invitations, acrylic block with pressed flowers, hand calligraphy on each invitation, real preserved butterflies on the place cards or menus.

Yes, there will be many instances of clients who want just 25 of the same old digital printed invitations, but if you can present your work and the possibilities to the right clients who love extra-special details, they will be thrilled to learn about the (endless) possibilities (even if it just means adding on envelope liners and wax seals).

Have you seen a rise in micro-wedding requests in your business? Share your experience below, I’d love to hear from you!

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