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Wedding Planner, Designer, or Coordinator? What's the difference?

Getting married means spending the rest of your life with your most favorite person on the planet...and for many it also means planning an event to celebrate the occasion. From flowers, to decor, to photography, and transportation, there are a lot of details and people to manage to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. So who do you need to hire? What's the difference between a planner, designer, or coordinator? Read on my friends…

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Dresses that Won't Break the Bank: Bride Edition

Wedding dresses are SHOCKINGLY expensive. Honest to gosh, most brides would feel like they've scored a deal if they get out with a dress under $5k, but if you ever watch "Say Yes to the Dress" you know price tags can soar way beyond into the "you could pay off my student loans with that money" range. I've rounded up a few of my favorite dresses here that, while they aren't cheap, they also won't make you go into long term debt. 

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