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Coming Soon | Visual Branding 101

I launched Veraly & Company in 2016 as a high-end stationery and wedding invitation brand with dreams of leaving my 9-5 and living a life where I was paid to create. I spent countless hours perfecting my products, building my website, and posting to social media. I spent tons of time and hundreds of dollars I didn’t have on marketing books, bad stock photos, and participating in styled wedding photoshoots, but all I heard was crickets. No inquiries, no clients. ..

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National Handwriting Day!

I can't think of a more perfect day to launch my Creative Market shop than National Handwriting Day! It's not big secret that I love pretty handwriting. I've been practicing calligraphy for 4 years, and when I bought my iPad Pro, I couldn't believe how intuitive going from pen and ink to screen felt. It's almost like the real deal, guys. And what makes digital lettering look even better is the perfectly imperfect brushes you can buy to give it a realist look.

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