How to Style Your Stationery to Sell

Styling to Sell.jpg

Just like lots of things in life, learning to style takes practice.

But with a few tips and a lot of patience you can style stationery to look professional, high-end, and attract your ideal clients.

My top three styling secrets are:

  1. Lighting

  2. Props

  3. Composition


You don’t need fancy equipment, lights, or setups to get beautiful images every time. I recommend finding a place in your home (or outside!) that has bright, indirect, natural sunlight. Sunlight will produce the most true-to-life colors and help reduce the amount of editing required.


I love using lots of little props and florals to create an interesting image, but I always select my props carefully. When thinking through what to use in your image make sure you’re telling a cohesive story and pay attention to color. Vintage stamps might be on trend, but do they make sense with your ultra-modern suite? Remove anything from the image that doesn’t add value to the story or compliment your work. Remember, it’s about the product not the props.


Flatlay styling is just like graphic design, but in 3D. Use classic photography and design principles to your advantage like the Rule of 3, the Rule of Thirds, and remember to look for symmetry and pattern to create eye catching layouts that invite the viewer’s eye to linger longer.