The Tropics Collection has Arrived

As a designer, I know that mocking up your work can seem like just one more (unnecessary) step; if your design is solid, why bother? Clients should be able to imagine your work as part of their day regardless of how or if it is styled…right? Sorry to say, but no way!

Humans are visual creatures and we live in a visual world, making split second decisions based on what we see. As a designer, it’s part of your job to lead your client where you want them to go, and mocking up your work not only helps your client envision your work in real life, but imagine how your work will perfectly compliment their vision.

For the inspiration behind the newest collection to the Styled Stock Shop, think warm sun, sandy beaches, and exotic tropical locales. This collection is ideal for showing adventure seeking, off the beaten path couples how your destination wedding design is perfect for their big day. Simple but effective props accent the theme, including real fronds, calligraphy pen and nib, vintage glass and gold ink well, vintage stamps from around the world, vintage compass, and a vintage postcard.

Before beginning any new collection, I style a moodboard (most often using Pinterest for inspiration).

(Image sources unknown, found on Pinterest)

Then I collect and source my props, laying everything out on a table to ensure a cohesive vision alongside my moodboard. This “midi” collection includes 8 styles images to showcase your suite and show-off your work.

Juliana MaryComment