2019: Spring Color Trends and Predictions

Researching color trends and making style predictions is a big part of what I do (fun right!?) and this month I’m feeling really inspired by shades of pale blue and blush. But it’s not just me; these colors are trending across Pinterest, in home decor, and 2019 weddings.

Spring Color Trends.jpg

So how can use this information to your advantage? Try incorporating these colors into your next invitation suite, artwork, or on social media. If you’re using elements in your branding that people are loving, chances are that much better that YOUR work will catch their eye.

And don’t worry, it’s not all up to you! I’m here to help your business stay on top of the trends so you can focus on creating. That’s why I created the newest collection to the Styled Stock Shop: The Jane Collection. These 16 styled images feature a pale blue background, blush silk ribbon, handmade blush dish and vintage stamps.