3 Ways Styled Stock Photography Can Transform Your Business

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Being a solo-entrepreneur is hard; there’s always something on the to-do list, always one more thing to do before bed, and always new information coming at us that promises to help us grow or make our business lives easier. And if you feel overwhelmed or like it’s just not working, I want you to know it’s not your fault and you’re not in it alone.

The truth is, there’s no one-stop solution (though I wish there was) that will transform your business, it all works together to build something beautiful. However, I have seen and experienced first hand the important role that beautiful imagery plays. Need to post to Instagram? You need an image. Need to post to your blog? Image. Need to post to Pinterest? Another image. Need to send a client mockup? Oh yah, that’s an image. So, while it’s still going to be up to you to do the work, I know having a library of images at your fingertips can transform your business in 3 very big ways:

3 Ways Styled Stock Photography Can Transform your Business:

  1. Save yourself time and money

  2. Increase your brand’s perceived value

  3. Connect with your Ideal Clients

Transformation #1: You will save time and money by investing in a solid library of styled images

If you have been trying to style and shoot your own products, you already know that it takes time to get a quality image. If you’re creating new works to send off to a styled wedding photoshoot, you’re using valuable resources without knowing 100% what you’ll receive in return (more on that in a future post). Let me share a lesson I learned the hard way when I started as a stationer: You need to be using your time and talents on the things only you can do. And let’s be honest, styling and photography probably aren’t your passion and it takes a long time to get an image worth sharing with prospective clients. The best use of your time is not styling product photos or creating work for someone else to shoot without a guarantee of what you’ll get in return.

Transformation #2: Increase your brand’s perceived value

Have you seen that funny article that went viral about Payless Shoes? In a nutshell, Payless took over a former Armani store, stocked it with Payless merchandise, and invited fashion influencers to attend a party celebrating the store’s opening. The twist is the influencers thought they were attending a high-end luxury brand opening (not Payless). The result? Party goers paid between $200-$600 for Payless shoes that are usually priced between $20-$40, and many guests commented on the sophisticated styles and high-end materials. The moral of the story? You control your brand’s perceived value. You can sell your work for $20 or $2000, and what makes all the difference is how you present your work. Showing your designs on high-quality, limited edition imagery is going to set you apart and make your work look like it is worth more. And who doesn’t want that?

Transformation #3: Connect with Your Ideal Clients

As a small business, I know that marketing and branding can feel overwhelming. How to find your ideal audience and then convert them into clients feels like a superpower. It’s a lot to think about, especially when what you really need to focus on is creating! Here’s the big secret to connecting with your ideal clients…your business needs to look like the solution to their problem. In the wedding stationery business, the client’s problem is finding invitations that are feminine, modern, contemporary, rustic, (fill in the blank). By showing your work beautifully styled in the right aesthetic, you are making it easy for your ideal clients to see that you and your work are the solution they have been looking for. (If this sounds like another overwhelming idea, check out my free workshop Six Days to a Better Visual Brand. You’ll get a 32-page workbook and daily prompts to understand what your ideal clients are looking for and how to shape your brand to connect with them).

I truly believe that your business can transform from saving time, increasing your perceived value, and connecting with your ideal clients. And I know this all can be done by using professional, high-quality styled stock images from the Styled Stock Shop. I can’t wait to see how your business transforms using styled stock as a part of your everyday visual branding!