Visual Branding 101 (pt. 4) Aesthetics


Week 4 is here and you’re now more than half way through Visual Branding 101. You have defined your ideal audience, uncovered your personality and how to connect your values with your audience’s values, learned about telling a story through your visuals that is inspired by you and your audience, and now it’s time to define your aesthetic.

Are you minimal, modern, traditional, casual, bold, playful? One of the biggest mistakes I see new and established brands making is adopting an aesthetic on Instagram or their website that isn’t true to who they are. When I started out, my Instagram feed was full of images that I thought were on trend and would attract my ideal audience, but they had very little to do with me. I was reposting other peoples images that I thought would get a lot of likes without thinking a lot about the long term results. I thought if I had lots of people liking an image on my feed, then they would follow me and eventually buy from me. But what I hadn’t considered was that the people who were liking these images weren’t getting to know the real me at all, but some watered down version of someone else, and that strategy doesn’t lead to new friends or clients. Instagram at its core is a relationship building platform. People are craving real interaction and truly want to get to know you, even if your instagram account is primarily for business.

If you’ve been striving for a minimal contemporary feed, but you are always dressed in bright playful colors and your home is full of pattern, it’s time to re-evaluate your aesthetic. Sharing more of yourself will be so much easier when your real life and your Instagram life look similar.

If you’re struggling to define your aesthetic, feel free to use the list below and circle which words feel more true to your brand, your audience, and most importantly, you.

bold / muted

bright / dark

colorful / monochrome

pattern / plain

vintage / modern

floral / geometric

minimal / maximal

extravert / introvert

Hopefully a pattern is already emerging with your selections, and don’t leave it just to this list. Try writing short paragraph about your aesthetic preferences (including color preferences!) and keep this in mind when making choices of what to share with your audience.

Come back next week where we’ll dive into Week #5: Honesty. How to share authentically online without TMI.