Sneak Peek: Swiss Styled Wedding Shoot

Growing up I had major Heidi envy. Does anyone else remember the 1993 Disney mini-series with Noley Thorton, Jason Robards, and Jane Seymour? I bet I watched it a dozen times. The landscape, the braids, the little was so idyllic and magical. So when I had an opportunity to participate in a wedding photoshoot in Switzerland with photographer Samathan Genido, I jumped at the opportunity. The photos came back just as beautifully as I had hoped, and go to show that not only can (and should!) your wedding be tailored to reflect your relationship and history as a couple, but that bridal doesn't necessarily mean white and roses. 

Photography / Makeup&Hair / Design: Samantha Genido (IG: @samraegenido
Models: Isha Sulmon & Filip Sulmon (IG: @isha_sulmon @filip_sulmon)
Florist: Evelyn Krebs - Stilundstiele (IG: @stilundstiele)
Invitation Suite: Veraly & Company (IG: @veralyco)
Jewlery: Desertdaisyjewelry (IG: @desertdaisyjewelry)
Dress Owner / Designer: Inge Stalyte - Wardrobe by Dulcinea (IG: @allthingsdulcinea