Confessions from a Beauty Product Junkie: What I Buy on Repeat + What I'm Trying Now


Junkie, hoarder, aficionado, whatever you want to call it, I love new beauty supplies. I can't say I'm the girl who's always decked out in makeup (I definitely prefer a more natural look), or that I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, but I love trying new products. For me, those little luxuries are really special and I enjoy the ritual of putting pretty stuff on my face at the beginning of the day, and lovingly washing it away at the end. So, I wanted to roundup a few of my favorite products that I've used for years and some new products that have joined the rotation. I'd love to hear what your faves are, too! 

On Repeat


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This transparent primer gel smooths skin and blurs flaws. I don't use this product everyday, but for special occasions or when I need a little extra beauty perk me up, it definitely does the trick. It's lightweight, cruelty-free, and 95% of women in a customer study said it made them look flawless. Yaaas Queen. 

Price: $16 


Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

I can't say it exactly lives up to the name, BUT this stuff is good. I love super full, lush lashes (I mean, come on. Who doesn't?) and this product does deliver on that front. Even in the non-waterproof version it has smudge-proof all day staying power. 

Price: $23


Smashbox Limitless Liquid Eye Liner Pen

I used to use liquid eye liner everyday, but since having a baby, it has been re-assigned to special-occasion-only status. However, when I do make the effort, I love liquid pen eyeliner. The little brush makes it so easy to create thick or thin lines and a precise cat-eye. Pro-tip: pull your eyelid gently toward your ear to create a straight line and glide the liner as close to the lash line as possible. Practice makes perfect with this one. 

Price: $22


bareMinerals Mineral Veil

I've used this product on and off for the last 10 years, and it's not leaving the rotation anytime soon. I love bareMinerals for a variety of reasons, but this specific product minimizes lines, absorbs oil, and gives this amazing flawless finish that is so, so good. Plus it does a great job of setting my other makeup or minimizing overzealous blush application. 

Price: $23


Trying Now


Glossier Cloud Paint Duo

Glossier is suddenly everywhere and I wanted in on the action. I recently purchased the cloud paint duo in Dusk and Beam. These gel-cream blushes are super user-friendly and give a healthy, flushed glow. A little goes a long way with this product and because it's sheer, it's hard to go overboard (which I admit, I love to do with blush). Plus, the packaging looks like cute little pantone swatches, which my artsy side loves. 

Price: $30 for two 


benefit Remove It Makeup Remover

I'm not typically one to have multi-step beauty routines, but this makeup remover might just join the party. It does a really great job taking off mascara and the leftover stuff when you just use face wash. Plus, it's no-rinse, super gentle, doesn't sting around the eyes, and leaves skin feeling really soft. Win, win, and win! 

Price: $21


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Ermagherd you guys. I'm in LOVE. This product went from "trying something new" to "can't live without" after the first time I used it. Literally one drop of this drying lotion on the surface of a pimple and OVERNIGHT that thing is as good as gone. As someone who struggles periodically with breakouts, this product is a serious godsend. 

Price: $17 

What are your beauty go-to products? Have you tried anything new recently that you're adding to your routine? I'd love to hear about them!