Good For Your Soul: Touring your Local Art Museum

Today I took a stroll through the Grand Rapids Art Museum and let me tell you: it was good for my soul and refreshed my creative spirit. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true! Seeing the work of really brilliant artists up close is an incredible opportunity to get new ideas and learn from the masters themselves. 

I mean seriously- look at this! This is an original RENOIR. Just hanging out like it ain't no thang. I love the movement and color of this painting and how it's a little loose and interpretive. He perfectly captures the vibrancy and feeling of the flowers, without being too specific. 


This painting is almost too much for my heart. If you know me, you know I love botanicals and the surrounding floral frame of the portrait is so lush and vibrant. It feels a little sacraligious for me to say this, but can't you just see this being turned into a beautiful wedding invitation? It's already laid out so perfectly. 

Gathering inspiration for your next styled shoot? Hunt down the still life paintings and enjoy the mastery. I particularly love in this painting how the leaves are draped over the edge of the table, and the cut plum is showing off the gorgeous fruit.  And why is there just one peach? I don't know! But somehow, it's perfect.


There's something so magical about walking through museum galleries and seeing work by famous artists all around. So sometime this week or month, I encourage you to take an hour (or three!) and tour your local art museum. It's important to support these institutions but also so, so good for your soul and an endless source of inspiration.