National Handwriting Day!

I can't think of a more perfect day to launch my Creative Market shop than National Handwriting Day! It's not big secret that I love pretty handwriting. I've been practicing calligraphy for 4 years, and when I bought my iPad Pro, I couldn't believe how intuitive going from pen and ink to screen felt. It's almost like the real deal, guys. And what makes digital lettering look even better is the perfectly imperfect brushes you can buy to give it a realist look. I have found some brushes that I absolutely love, but started experimenting with creating my own to achieve the exact look I was craving. So, without further ado, ta-da! I've opened a Creative Market shop and my first 5 listings are the brushes I created and use most for my design projects. What's even better than that you may ask? Well today I'm giving away my most favorite brush, "Aura", for free! 

You can download it right here on my website for a limited time. Since it's a free product, you can directly bypass the credit card information page, but please leave your email address so you'll get freebies like this one right in your inbox. 

To download all my brushes, visit Creative Market. Happe Making! 




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