A Week at the Beach

Last week I was out of town, relaxing and taking a much needed gal-cation with my mom and daughter on Lake Huron in the sleepy, small town of Au Gres, Michigan. It was so wonderful to rest, paint, draw, and play. I was awestruck every night by the beauty of mother nature and the seeming impossibly gorgeous color palette that graced us every evening at sunset. 


I mean seriously, how are these colors even real!? I did zero photo editing to these images- any adjustments I tried to make actually detracted from the beauty. 


And just for cuteness, here are a couple of pictures of my sweet babe and a very relaxed, no makeup mama (me). 

I hope you're taking time for self-care and rest, too! Where's your favorite place to unwind? 

Until next time, 

xo Juliana