10 Habits of Happy Women


I admit, I'm someone who loves the click-bait articles that make you press "next page" a thousand times to see "10 celebrities who haven't aged well" or "the 15 super-foods to make your skin glow", and guys, I'm a disappointed in myself, the list, and the time I just wasted every single time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But then I see another, and do click it again. 

But, get this, I just read a top 10 list that made me say, out loud, "YAS!" and I want to make sure you read it too. This one comes from theeverygirl.com (a favorite of lady bosses and smart women everywhere)...10 Habits of All Happy Women

There's a lot of really good stuff in here, but the one that hit me hard...

#5. They don't say they want to be something, they just ARE that thing. Stop saying you want to be a writer, or a musician, or a painter, and just be that thing instead. 


I spend a lot of time saying, I want to be a full-time artist, I want to be a successful entrepreneur, I want to be graceful and happy and self-assured. So what's stopping me? Time to put on some big girl pants and just be those things. 

What do you want to be?