Capri Stationery Collection

Capri Stationery Collection


Features: A7 5”x7” Invitation Card and A7 Envelope, A1 3.5”x5” Card and A1 Envelope, A2 4.25”x5.5” Detail Card


  • A7 Invitation Card styled both horizontally and vertically

  • RSVP styled horizontally, and

  • Detail Card styled vertically

The Capri Collection features 16 professionally styled images, including horizontal and vertical layouts, as well as a 2x3 vertical and horizontal styled image ready for Pinterest, web, and blog posts.

This collection features beautiful pink peonies, copper and gold accents, handmade silk chiffon ribbons, and vintage inspired elements.

How does Blue influence your audience? The color theory behind blue is highly dependent on the shade and hue; light blues are seen as calming while bright blues can be energizing and refreshing. Dark blues (like navy) on the other hand are ideal for communicating competency and reliability.

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Resource List: Envelopes are from Cards & Pockets


Q: How do I add my stationery to the image?
A: Working knowledge of a photo-editing software, such as photoshop, is required to overlay your design. With your purchase you will receive high-resolution (300dpi) images on top of which you can add your design. I recommend saving a copy of your design with a transparent background to overlay for best results.

Q: Why do your collections cost more than other stock shops?
A: I know first hand how important it is in a saturated market to stand out. That’s why each collection I create is limited edition and sold to just a handful of designers. By purchasing a collection through Veraly & Company, you’re guaranteed to be one of a tens (not one of hundreds) to be using a particular image. This strategy helps protect your brand and investment, and will elevate your ideal customer’s perception of your work.

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