Botany I Artist Collection

Botany I Artist Collection


The Botany I Collection is new to the Veraly & Company stock shop.

This collection includes 7 professionally styled stock images, and real fern leaves, high-end watercolors and brushes, and personal touches like pencil shavings and a used palette to help reinforce the artist story.

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Q: How do I add my art to the image?
A: Working knowledge of a photo-editing software, such as photoshop, is required to overlay your design. With your purchase you will receive high-resolution (300dpi) images on top of which you can add your design. I recommend saving a copy of your design with a transparent background to overlay for best results.

Q: Why do your collections cost more than other stock shops?
A: I know first hand how important it is in a saturated market to stand out. That’s why each collection I create is limited edition and sold to just a handful of artists. By purchasing a collection through Veraly & Company, you’re guaranteed to be one of a tens (not one of hundreds) to be using a particular image. This strategy helps protect your brand and investment, and will elevate your ideal customer’s perception of your work.

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