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“I didn’t realize how much my imagery was affecting my business until I started using styled images from Veraly & Co. It felt like overnight my whole business changed. I used to get lots of requests from budget brides who didn’t want to pay for custom work, but once I started using Juliana’s styled stock images, I looked like a luxury brand and started getting serious inquiries from brides who were willing (and excited!) to pay for my work.

“I’m so happy I found your shop! Your styled images save me so much time and money, and it’s wonderful to know that when I buy your stock photos, hundreds of other people aren’t going to have the same images. This really helps keep my shop looking unique from everyone else”.  

“My Etsy shop, website, and Instagram look so professional now. Even though I’m just starting out, I look like I am a high-end designer with lots of resources at my fingertips.”